Friday, July 04, 2008

Poo It Forward

When Pappy and I go to the dog park, I only spot him pooing every third or fourth visit. My underlying assumption in this isn't that he has extraordinary bowel endurance, but rather that I simply missed the moment of truth. Feeling that I have incurred a pretty heavy karmic debt from this neglect, I try to regularly go on poo patrol at the bottom of the dog park to pick up the miscellaneous cold stray turds lurking around the remote grassy section.

That being said, I hope that the off-leash walkers of the world register on one key message. It's awfully hard to ignore a dog taking a crap when he's on leash-- it's not impossible, but I think it's a bit harder to make that conscious decision to leave a mound in the middle of the path. When I see a mound lying there, I generally assume that in a disproportionate number of cases that was the doo-doing of an off-leash dog out of immediate sight of the walker. So, thinking about your karmic debt when you are walking a dog off-leash, be sure to pick up a few random dog-pies to fill in your quota.


Jackson said...

J1 doesn't like picking up warm turds or cold ones but we try and do our bit. Well, I supply them and she picks them up. That's how it works. She does pick up random ones at the park too, but only if they're not too big! J x

Ang said...

I just can't - I can't!! Unless they are chihuahua sized poos. I don't know how some people do it with their horse or grizzley bear sized poos.
I gag.
The girls poos are so small that if I happen to be without a baggy I can use a leaf to throw things further into the bushes where they won't be stepped on.

Nat said...

I have to admit that it does give me pause to be picking up a load that feels like it's going to rip the baggie. We have a troupe of Great Danes at the dog park, and they just about poop a chihuahua when they cut loose.