Saturday, June 30, 2007

It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair...

100KWe hit 14,000 all-time visitors on Pappy's Blog this week. However this suffers by comparison to Pappy's movies on Youtube, which simultaneously hit 100,000 views. For this inexplicable feat I must owe a debt of gratitude to the bazillions of cutesy-bashing preteens watching the "Teletubbies Meet Pappy" video over and over, accounting for three-quarters of that total.

I deserve no sympathy, but I can't help but feel a little maudlin. The movies are fun and all, but the blog is where I put my heart and soul. Maybe I need to copy the Technorati top searches into my blog labels each day. That's right all of you Noelia and iPhone fans, this is da real shizzizzle!


Gus said...

Quality counts over quantity. Those of us who take the trouble to read Pappy's blog know him in a way viewers are us he is not entertainment, he is a friend.

Gussie and Muzzer

Frasypoo said...

We enjoy reading your blog,its a lot of fun!
I totally agree with gus!

Jude said...

It's a great blog. I enjoy the observations and thoughtfulness around Pappy, dog behavior and owner behavior. No surprise that it appeals to a smaller, more discerning segment of the cybersphere denizens.

Promise me you will never start speaking in a Pappy voice which includes the bizarrely pervasive misspelling "hoomans." *shudder*

Lee :) said...

Tag! You're it! We'd love for Pappy to share 7 things.

Joe Stains said...

dang he is a youtube superstar!!!!

Pappy's Fella said...

Gus and Frasier,
Thanks, Pappy appreciates the fellowship out here in the internet dog park.

I signed that contract long ago. I tried to get Pappy to type once, and he was dead useless.

I did a similar tag a couple of times last month, but I'll think on it since I love Vacationland so.

A superduper star!

Charlie said...

You do a great job on Pappy's blog! We like the movies too, but it's the cleverness and insight of the blog that keeps us coming back. Congrats on hitting 14,000 & 100,000!
- Charlie