Friday, January 18, 2008


Today I had an unexpected day off from work, so Pappy and I took a long walk through the slushy wonderland left behind after yesterday's wet snow. The interesting thing was that, when Pappy insistently followed his nose in one direction or another, I could clearly see evidence of the spoor he was following. Prominently showing in the slush were the dog and deer footprints he was tracking like a bloodhound. When he hunkered down immovable with his nose pressed to the ground, I could see a clearly delineated yellow patch. I guess he really isn't just making this stuff up.


Gus said...

tch tch...Pappy is more street smart than you are. Listen to him.

(we are always saving muzzer from the "cute" kitties)

Marla said...

Such a smart doggie!

William Tell said...

Our walkies have been shorter lately because Mom doesn't "do" cold weather like she used to. Gotta sniff and run anymore.

William Tell


It's me Mona,

me wants ya to come over and tell me what breed is Copper.

bet ya can't guess!!