Thursday, August 10, 2006

Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon...

...or not. Pappy's eight-month-old puppy pal, Molly, was spayed this week. As a result she has been noticeably absent for her traditional morning play dates with the Papster.

Pappy was neutered long before we got him. There is a "why-it's-good-for-your-pet" party line that is a little too zealous, but they are trying to battle some popular misconceptions regarding fixing your pet. The sad fact that was most convincing to me was the number of dogs up for adoption. When we were looking to adopt a dog, the selection of pets at the no-kill shelters was astoundingly large and turned over much too slowly (Pappy met Sierra and Milo at the beginning of June, and they are still listed at All-Breed Rescue). And, in the kill shelters, the selection of pets turns over much too quickly.

8/29 Update: Looks like Milo was adopted from All-Breed Rescue!

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