Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Dump

Pappy's treat yesterday was riding in the front seat to the dump, since the back of the station wagon was full of cr*p from the shed. The weather was gloomy, but we went on to the Black Hill Dog Exercise Area afterwards. This is one of only three county dog parks in all of Montgomery county, and I was surprised to pass the Ridge Road park on the way within a couple of miles.

Black Hill Dog Exercise Area is far back amongst the picnic areas in the park-- there are small signs marking the way. It's about the same size as the Wheaton Regional dog park, with trees for shade and fine gravel surface to prevent mud.

I always thought that Pappy was pretty speedy, but some grey-snouted greyhounds quickly put those illusions to bed as they lapped him around the enclosure. It was pretty quiet initially, until a truck full of the web-published celebs from All Breed Rescue and Referral showed up and got the party started. Sierra was madly taken with Pappy, and ended up rolling around with him. Milo was a tireless ball-chaser (and I am a pretty tireless ball-thrower), despite stitches from a recent tangle with a pit bull. Blue and Bernie were cute and very playful and energetic despite their heavy coats.

The rescue volunteer was hinting that she might have the perfect pal for Pappy, but we're a bit too new at the dog owner game to be upping the ante.

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