Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Someone Else's Doggy Movie

We rented the DVD of "Shelter Dogs" this weekend. It's a documentary concerning a dog shelter in New York state. It's an engaging movie, but not incredibly polished. I agree with the key point-- that a no-kill policy for shelters isn't always the kindest solution-- but I am not sure that the events of the movie absolutely nailed the argument.

But it does show the difficulties of running a shelter, the devotion and dilemmas of the dog owners and staff, and some very sweet doggies. It definitely made us a little verklempt when we thought of Pappy in shelters, and his rescue by volunteers like these. He is still listed on the Last Chance page (as 'Fritz'). 8/27 Update: Last Chance finally updated the site and Pappy's pre-adoption pic is gone.

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