Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Paltry Competition

In the spirit of competition, Pappy's puppy playmate, Maggie, has set up another "most adorable dog" site. Putting Maggie up against Pappy in the cutes department is funny in a pathetic sort of way, kind of like when the little kid is swinging away madly at the big kid holding him at arm's length. Ahhh, pity the beast, cause this is as cute as she's gonna get.

Though impossibly cute, Pappy did show his mean streak this weekend. While having a sleepover at his dog-cousin Ruby's house, he had a conflagration with his estranged cat-cousin Turtle at the bottom of the stairs. After they stitched Turtle's head back on she was fine. Pappy and Ruby are pretty inseparable, but Pappy and Turtle haven't yet established a lasting bond. Maybe next time.

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