Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beginners Training

I saw a posting on Craigslist the other day about training for a new dog in the DC area. The author talked about considering the Capital Dog Training Club, but was looking for recommendations.

Let's face it, I know bupkis about training. And I am as "fight the power" as the next guy about megaconglomerates. But, you know what? I believe in Petsmart classes... they're convenient, they're regularly scheduled, the classes fill rather than cancel, and they are pretty cheap. I don't know whether there are huge differences in the quality of trainers and materials, but 90% of the battle is the owner getting started and keeping at it. Once you get the knack, then it seems like you can read a couple of books and forge off on your own.

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MM said...

Glad to hear you are promoting Pet Smart as an easy, convenient AND also a good way to get basic training. Kudo's to Pappy's Fello