Saturday, July 07, 2007

Entering the Star-Maker Machinery

This is one of those defining moments. Friday Pappy joined Minou among elite dog thespians, and hopefully will earn a TV credit.

A while back my wife heard about a casting call for the National Geographic Channel. They were looking for dogs and owners to participate in a local shoot for a program called "Dog Genius". I emailed a photo, and the producer started drooling over Pappy's untapped marketing potential. As it turns out, they weren't casting Pappy in the title role-- the show is about the intelligence of all dogs in problem solving and reading human expression, not a specific dog's genius. They scheduled us for an appointment at a studio in DC's Chinatown.

We went in through the loading dock, and joined a number of dogs in a waiting area. True to form, Pappy pounced on a Husky and started wrasslin'. So much for dignity. Eventually we were led back into a big all-white studio. To be frank, Pappy probably did way better than me. He was rock solid on his sit-stay so that they could get all their shots in. They also took a lot of shots of his spectacular tail wagging. That's my favorite feature.

Then they asked me to sit in front of the camera and make a variety of expressions-- I'm pretty sure that's all going to end on the cutting room floor, as I kept cracking up. For our action shot, I took a high risk path of having Pappy play with his ball. That was probably impossible to film, but it could be pretty snappy if it came out.

In the end we were compensated with a National Geographic TV baseball hat and paid parking. It was well worth the effort for our 15 minutes of fame. I think they said that the show would air sometime in December, so if you see a skinny balding guy and a dog with messy hair that's us. Trust me, I'll remind you.


Bella said...

Hey Pappy & pappy's fellow - that's a fun outing whikle the missus is away - it may well be the intro to the world of celebrity dog ???
All ther best & let us know how it goes !!

3dogcache said...

I think the Maggot would have been a good specimen of dog. Actually, all 3dogs would have had their own special traits to show off. I'll look for the bald head and the papster in December.

Enjoy, 3dogs

Finnegan said...

That's cool! I hope he makes it on. I think the world needs to learn about the wonder of Pappy.


Johann The Dog said...

Wow, that is so cool! We so hope you don't end up on the cutting room floor. Glad to meet ya Pappy! I blog rolled you this morning if you'd like to exchange links - I'd sure like to get to know you better.

And, BTW, we were interviewed on too! Cool!


Finnegan said...

This is off the subject, but could Pappy be a lurcher? A lurcher is a sighthound mix.

This photo reminds me a lot of Pappy:

Finny's Mom

Charlie said...

That is so neat! We can't wait to see you and Pappy in action!!
- Charlie

Gus said...

Soon Pappy can support you in the style to which you would like to be accustomed.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

That is so very cool - we definately need your pawtograph now Pappy :)


Pappy's Fella said...

As an aside, I heard an interesting story at the dog park yesterday. One of the other owners said a friend had emailed her a video of "Teletubbies Meet Pappy", and she replied that she knew Pappy. Her friend said "no way"... It's like that six degrees of separation thing.

Asta said...

Wow, Pappy, you're famous!!!!!!!
will you still talk to us wegular pups???I always knew you had gweat potential..this is your momf..first the mupstache victowy, now tis!!Congwatulations..we'll be watching
smoochie kisses

Stella and Annie said...

Pappy certainly has star potential written all over him. I hope he won't forget his little star look-a-like Stella when he's big and famous!