Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Morning Play Date

We've started a new tradition at the Pappy household of the morning play-date. Molly, our puppy pal from up the street, is dropped off in the back yard early morning on weekdays to race around with the Papster for forty minutes until we drop her off at home on the way to work. Pappy is normally distracted with a treat when we leave, but we've seen a slightly higher yelp factor when he notices us departing with "the competition."

Friday's play-date was enlivened by the arrival of a tall dark stranger. Riggs, the German short-haired pointer from around the corner, came bounding across our neighbors' back yards, hurdling fences, oblivious to capitalist notions of property. As in the past, his objective was frolicking with the Papster. We were first introduced to Riggs a month ago when, from an upstairs window, we spotted Pappy racing around the back yard chasing something... a strange dog? Friday, I again flagged down Riggs' exasperated owner, who related his tales of despair trying to contain his Houdini dog. Just as we were getting comfortable that Riggs was satisfied to stay in the yard with Pappy and Molly, he loped off again across the neighbors' yards. The owner trundled off after him-- but then Riggs came back to our yard a minute later and we were able to corral him, concluding the morning's entertainment.

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