Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Going Native

Pappy in MaineSo Pappy has been going off-leash as much as he ever has during this vacation in Maine. When we first started out taking off the leash he seemed so incredulous-- "you mean you want me to walk by myself?" Every few feet he'd stop and look back to check in. And when I beckoned to have him come back to have the leash put on, he seemed relieved. But more recently he's grown into his newfound freedom. He falls a little further behind and "forgets" to come along. And when I let him out into the unfenced front yard he no longer does his business and races back to the screen door to come in. He has started to amble down to the beach to lick spilled butter off of the rocks from the recent lobster party, or check out the spot where we dumped out the mussel shells. This morning I had to go looking for him, and he was whuffing at a poor passing walker on the road. Not all good.

But one thing he has enjoyed has been exploring the "back 40". Across the road from our house we have a patch of land shared with two other families-- about 30 acres of spruce forest and wetlands. The way through the woods is layer on layer of fallen trees and crisscrossing pointy branches, with occasional lovely clearings. Jungles wish they were as impenetrable as this. Pappy and I have made three excursions into the back 40, being unable to find the property markers and getting incredibly lost each time. He just loves it, racing back and forth and quickly recalling when I clap my hands. Of course I'm terrified that he's going to pick up some ticks, but so far so good.


William Tell said...

Sounds like great fun, especially the getting lost part and whuffing at passers-by. Every dog should have it so good!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Pappy is such a stunning dog!

Ippo said...

You have a loyal dog.
If I were to walk my dog off-leash .. he'd be gone in a hearbeat.

Jackson said...

Sounds pawsome! The Js are obssessed with ticks, but I think they're more worried about getting them on themselves than me!