Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday must have been a painful one for the Papster. The morning routine is that Molly, the Labradoodle from up the street, comes by for a mad frolic with Pappy before work. Since Pappy's and Molly's mutual dog walker recently injured her foot, she's been letting them race around our back yard at midday too. They get on pretty well.

But the heartbreaking part of our story is when we take Molly home on our way to work. Yesterday, we ran into a neighbor who wanted to discuss parking problems in the 'hood, and so I was standing out front with Molly in plain sight of our dining room window. Our neighbor didn't tune in to Pappy yipping and yowling like his world was ending. It was all I could do to slip away and end Pappy's torment.

We dreaded what destruction we might find when we got home, but our dog was a good boy-- as usual.

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