Monday, July 17, 2006

Our Hero

Turns out that while we were away on vacation, Pappy showed the heroic fortitude of Rin Tin Tin (minus the training and obedience).

While the housesitter had him out in the back yard, Pappy was barking incessantly at something. He's not a barker under normal circumstances, so a neighbor took a look outside... finding a suspicious stranger in my next-door neighbor's yard. When confronted, the stranger made some excuse about mistaking this house as having a basement apartment for rent, and then skulked off. My next-door neighbor later found his basement window had been broken, but no one seemed to have entered. A short time later a burglar was apprehended after being identified breaking into another house in the neighborhood.

My next-door neighbor is no dog-lover (and of course Pappy heads straight in for a crotch-sniff every time he comes by for a chat), but I think he is warming to the Papster following his extraordinary heroism. I was considering a parade in Pappy's honor, but that kind of thing is so overdone in July.

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