Saturday, February 25, 2006

Revisionist History, Part Trois

Sooo... our first exposure to the pup was pretty much love at first site. We piled the car full of dog junk (pretty smart of Petsmart to host adoption centers in their stores) and unexpectedly brought our new dog home the first day after meeting him.

From then until to this day, I wonder how anyone could have given him up. He is so mellow, so un-troublesome, so long-suffering, so housebroken, so quiet, that I just can't think what the problem could have been that could make them let him go.

Revisionist History, Part Deux

So, we were off to see the little guy at the adoption center back in February. There is a lot of religion among dog literati that adoption groups are either a blessing or a curse. Some do extensive home checks and take many applications per pet, making it harder to get a dog than simply getting the grist of the puppy mills from a pet store. But if they just let you take a dog home, who the heck knows whether you know what you are doing?

In the end, our adoption center asked a large number of questions, but let us go home with the dog without a home check. I like to think this is because we were pretty focused about it-- we'd thought hard about whether we had the right setup, hiring a dog walker because of our long days at the office, how much we both wanted a dog, and how much of an investment this would be. Certainly our volunteers were very serious about getting it right. It's hard for me to judge whether it's the right thing to have lengthy application processes-- certainly the presence of these dogs at shelters is a testament to the lack of foresight of many dog owners, but aren't they better off in someone's home?

Revisionist History

We have a little catchup to do, since we got the Papster back in February and it is now May. So, how did we find him? Petfinders is the place. The query feature is pretty nice, and allowed us to receive email updates, by region and breed (terrier), on new dogs we might consider for adoption. We found him as "Fritz" from Last Chance Animal Rescue and We Care 4 Paws. This is the picture that launched us off to see him at the Glen Burnie Petsmart adoption center.